Our Beach Tote Bags are easy to fold!

Easy, refolding instructions are included with each beach tote bag.

The "Beach Buddy" beach tote bag comes in adult and child sizes.

The adult size has the 60" to 70" bath sheet and a larger bag while the child size is a smaller bag with a bath towel up to 56" long. The Child size has one Velcro pocket so that all items are protected inside the pocket. It too, can carry other items inside when the towel is folded up.

The beach tote bag can be used as an overnight bag for kids, an extra picnic blanket in your car, as a trendy gym bag and a great tote bag for boaters. It's is a unique gift that's easy to mail and great to receive!



Beach Tote Bags and Custom Beach Totes

Beach Tote Bag with everything is can hold
All of this fits in the bag!
We are so proud of our “Beach Buddy” beach tote bag – a beach tote bag and plush towel with room for all your swimming accessories in a compact carrying bag. Our “Beach Buddy” beach tote bag is a brightly colored, patterned fabric bag using double thickness material for added strength and reinforcement at the stress points.

On the outside the beach tote bag has a divided Velcro pocket – one side is open to carry a paperback book, water bottle, iPod, magazine and a closed side for carrying things like a cell phone, sunglasses, wallet, keys, money – anything you don’t want lost in the sand at the beach!

Beach Tote Bag

The pocket is on a top corner of the towel and out of the way when stretching out to absorb the sun’s rays.

On the inside of the adult sized “Beach Buddy” beach tote bag is a bath sheet towel measuring 60” to 70” in length and sewn onto the bag so it is all one piece – nothing to lose! It folds up inside the bag and is carried by the drawstring cord looped around your shoulder. When the towel is inside there’s plenty of room to carry your flip flops, comb/brush, swimsuit, change of clothes, hat, Frisbee, deck of cards, suntan lotion, swim mask, and more.

Your beach tote bag is individually crafted in California of the fabric and color-coordinated towel of your choosing. We use bath sheets that are thicker and more absorbent than regular beach towels. Simply unfold, empty the pockets and launder in cold water to keep the colors vibrant and dry as you would any towel.

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Specialty fabrics / logo prints can be custom ordered.  Contact us with your request.

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Pick Your Towel Color
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Select a Fabric For the Tote Bag
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B&B Designs chooses the best quality towels we can find at reasonable prices. We select bath towels and bath sheets for their thickness and quality.

We custom make each order by hand in California!

Although they are colorful and offer many themes, we do not use the thin, screen-printed beach towels as they won’t hold up for the life of our beach bag.

Manufacturers’ towel lengths vary and so will ours. For the child’s beach bag, the towel is a regular bath size towel up to 56” in length. For the adult beach bag, we use bath sheets with a minimum length of 60” with some as long as 70”. The width is generally 30”.

The standard solid colors we offer are: white, tan, red, maroon, purple, pink, yellow, cantaloupe, green, blue, gray and black.

1 adult or 1-2 child bags $11.00
2 adult bags or 1 adult & 1 child bag $15.00
over 2 child bags or over 2 adult bags $26.00

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Adult Size Beach Buddy
Beach Tote Bag.

Select Towel Color:
Choose Your Fabric:

Price: $30.00  

If we find a good buy on seasonal and trendy colors, we will add them to our inventory. As some colors have many shades, you may select the color you want and we will select the best coordinated shade for your beach bag.



Child Size Beach Buddy
Beach Tote Bag.

Select Towel Color:
Choose Your Fabric:

Price: $20.00  



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